Bio: Christopher "Chris" Wiggins is a professional journalist. He is a German and American citizen and fluent in both languages. He grew up as a military brat and in high school began producing high-quality video packages and features, including ones for President Clinton and his family, a current Obama Joint-Chief-of-Staff, several other DOD USAEUR projects and was honored with prestigious awards for his work. Upon graduating from Baumholder American High School, Wiggins, born in Wesel, Germany, attended and graduated from the highly competitive, prestigious University of Richmond, where he studied Journalism, AP Style, Public Relations, Mass Communications, Inter-Cultural Communication, Anthropology and German. He was a lead news reporter, photographer and editor for The Collegian, the University's newspaper. Mr. Wiggins interned and was subsequently hired full-time at WTVR-TV (CBS News) due his talent and esteem where he was an assignment editor, field producer, and in-training for reporter and anchor. Wiggins covered the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon (he was a paramedic at the time), DC Sniper Shootings, and is proudest of his most recent high profile work as he accompanied the campaigns of Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA), Congressional candidate Adam Cook, and was a Credentialed White House Pool Correspondent for President Obama's campaign. He also covered Congressman Paul Ryan's failed bid for vice president. Most recently Chris suffered a medical crisis and had to have his right kidney removed and thus had to take a break from daily news operations. However, Chris remains in the DC area, and reports on various news subjects. Chris has a popular Twitter feed @CWNewser, which is followed by news junkies, a number of celebrities, and several hundred news outlets and reporters for local, national and international organizations. Personal Information Well, I was a paramedic EMT-C during 9/11, I love cats AND dogs, I had a kidney removed due to a congenial disorder by a robot - the Da Vinci Robotic Suite - I have insomnia..... and I recently have been on camera as the interviewee more often than I'd like - and for some reason it's always when I do something I think is just normal human behavior and then others call it "heroism" - I disagree. There are heroes out there, I know a few, I may have been a hero to a few people as a paramedic in their minutes of need, but, I really don't like that term. I have adult ADHD, so a bonus, I guess, is that my medication makes me hyper-vigilant and focused, so it's hard for someone to get something by me. I can hear a pivot in sentence or subject structure like nails on a chalk board. I wish the words moist and clot were removed from the dictionary - along with the actual item: Styrofoam. I do have dual citizenship in the United States and Germany - I speak fluent German, as it's my first language. I speak English equally well. And, I was probably one of the first people who has ever seen a nuclear, stealth project and didn't realize it was what it was until years later when I was a bit older and not 5..... I thought that would be the cliff hanger, but no. I am a DVR fanatic and so I recommend the following (beyond the obvious - Maddow, Hayes, MSNBC in general, CNN, TODAY, GMA, you know - the shows everyone should be watching if you have a DVR that can record 9 things at once as I do). - Breaking Bad - Modern Family - The Newsroom - Homeland - New Girl - The Neighbors - Grey's Anatomy - The Bridge - Big Bang Theory, because I'm just like Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Ph.D. Enough. Personal Interests All things news. I love Apple Products and downloading apps. I'm also big into learning new things - right now I'm doing HootSuite Academy... I took the Princeton Review LSAT class, but on the day of the exam I had an anxiety attack and never went back. So, I'm interested in the law. I'm interested in mental health issues and the cognitive dissonance in the American political system; particularly why people who generally would benefit from one party's platform vote for the other party..... I don't get that. It's intriguing to me - so yes, politics. It's blasphemy but, I hate to read, but I have to do it all the time. I don't read for pleasure - well, I download books onto my iPad2, but I somehow just have them there as well, what they are - E-Books waiting to be read. I love to travel - I've been many many places; growing up in Europe, you have a freedom that is unlike any freedom here in the US, to travel, experience culture, just, have a more open mind and I believe that worldview has certainly brought me a great deal of positive qualities. I'm interested in making sure every single person in this country, employed, unemployed, rich, poor, red, blue, green, yellow, legal, illegal status, I don't care--they should all have healthcare, FREE healthcare. It's worked everyone I've ever lived and the care was superb. I also am an advocate for people with mental health challenges and illness. I'd love to work in this field in some meaningful way. Finally, I am incredibly medically knowledgeable, and so yeah, I'm the person who knows all that Latin and the random facts about the body, or could, given the proper equipment, do a tracheotomy on you.... Am I well rounded? Oh, let's not forget: Twitter. I am all about it.

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